Need your Buchou lovin' fic fix? You'll find it right here! These fics are written by EnR's sailorstarsun or donated generously by fellow TezuBe fans. Feel free to submit your own works! .^^

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A Chibi Tale by sailorstarsun
G. A fairy tale. As typical as they get.

A Lesson for Atobe (or Never Underestimate Your Fellow Captain) by pixxers and dark_squall new

NC-17. The pleasures, and problems, of need and web cameras.  .^_~

From Here On, Together by sailorstarsun
PG. Where Atobe learns just how much he really means to Tezuka.

The Greatest Gift of All by sailorstarsun
PG. When the Hyotei regulars send their captain on a mad chase for his birthday presents, he learns some things are worth a little work.

Kirei na.. ~decision~ by sailorstarsun
G. "May I have this dance?"

Pieces to a Puzzle of a Nighttime Scene by sailorstarsun
G. Tezuka got used to waking up with a hot body against him.

Quiet Sweet by sailorstarsun
G. At the end of a long day, it's nice to have something to come home to.

Star by Trinity Helix
R. Atobe is, and always has been, a star.

Their Night by sailorstarsun new

PG.  An anniversary celebration...with only a few complications.

Touch by sailorstarsun
PG. Romantic, sensual; it can be so overwhelming.

Want it Or Not by sailorstarsun
R. Atobe's an opportunist; when he wants something, he takes it.
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