Yes, I (sailorstarsun) am a big flaming dork and adore the life-simulation game 'The SIMS'.  And OF COURSE I downloaded PoT skins and make my boys do terrible terrible wonderful gay things.  XD

And OF COURSE Tezuka and Atobe are my favorite victims characters to torture play with.  >=)


Atobe puts the moves on Tezuka.  "How YOU doin'?"



And apparently Tezuka couldn't resist his charms.  .^_~  LUFF!



Kissu in the bedroom (which looks a lot better and...not, BTW).



Kissu in the bathroom.



Kissu in the livingroom!  Kissu everywhere!  =D

This one's cute because it's actually Atobe leaning in to Tezuka...for once.  .^^



Sneaks in a little ass-grabbin'.  .^_~



They are so very passionate.  *niko*  .^,^



Atobe feeds the fishies.



Kissu by the hot tub o' LOVE!  I love how Tezuka's hands are holding Atobe's head in this one.  =3



Cuddling on the swing by the beach.



More [romantic] kissu!  (yes, I'm easily amused)



Tezuka sweeps Atobe off his feet.  =3



Atobe shopping.  .^,^  (he did end up buying Tezuka a new suit and necklace ....  'cause he's the sugar-daddy  .^^ )



"I'll see you after work, honey."



Ryoma: "They're at it...again..."



::snuggleluffchuu~!::  I love the hands on Tezu's thigh.  X3



Time for some fun-in-bed lovin'!!



Tezuka is overcome with wild passion!



Their nakey is magic.  =3







More to come!