Okiayu Ryoutarou

置鮎龍太郎(おきあゆ りょうたろう)
Okiayu Ryoutarou

Production: Aoni Production
Date of birth: 11/17
Birthplace: Fukuoka-ken, Japan
Blood type: O

[ Voice Sample ]

    Ryo-sama has been around forever, and is in just about everything. .^_^ His list of credits is huge, from anime to CD dramas to games. (seriously, I, sailorstarsun, had to laugh when I realized he was in 98% of my favorite series .^^ ) He has the kind of voice that makes you need to change your panties ( ::grin:: ); quite deep and commanding. .^,~ But he is also a talented actor, and his roles range from very dark and sometimes evil (such as Crawford in 'Weiß kreuz'), to lighter, more cheerful roles (like K in 'Gravitation'). He too is a somewhat goofy person, always laughing and cracking jokes. Always with a smile on his face.

Series Role
Di Gi Charat Kimura Takurou
D.N.ANGEL Dark Mousey
El Hazard Jinnai Katsuhiko
Fruits Basket Souma Shigure
Gravitation K
KIZUNA Samejima Ranmaru
Rekka no Honoo (Flame of Recca) Kurei
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W Treize Kushrenada
SLAM DUNK Mitsui Hisashi
Weiß kreuz Brad Crawford

Suwabe Junichi諏訪部順一(すわべ じゅんいち)
Suwabe Junichi

Production: Haikyou
Date of birth: 03/29
Birthplace: Tokyo-to, Japan
Blood type: A

[ Voice Sample ]

    As far as we know, Jun Jun hasn't been a "star" of the seiyuu world until only recently (within the past year or so). He played Fuuma in the 'X' TV series, but it wasn't until he did Atobe that people really began to notice his greatness. .^_^ His voice is smooth and deep-ish and sounds so much like a sensual purr... =3 And when he sings, fan girls everywhere die of the pure smexiness. .^^ Most of his roles are darker characters, and he makes a wonderful bad guy, but that's totally opposite from his own personality. He's actually a rather fun, downright dorky guy, who likes cars, Macs, and doggies. We love him. =3

    I, GokuMew2, was told to add something. What is there to say? Well, other than I luv 'teh Jun Jun!!! My favorite seiyuu, yes. He's got a sort of "instant orgasm" tone in his voice. Mrawr~ .*_* Oh, and did you know he's fluent in English? YES IT'S TRUE! It comes in handy for people like me who can't always express my opinions clearly in Japanese. I almost got him to attend Fanime as a guest (they invited him) but his schedule was busy at the time. .T_T Perhaps in the future?

Series Role
Chobits Kojima Yoshiyuki
Chou Jyoujin Gravion / Gravion Zwei Alex Smith
Hagane no Renkin Jyutsushi Greed
Kaleidostar Ian
HEATGUY-J Bruce Dulia
Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto (Someday's Dreamers) Oyamada Masami
PEACE MAKER Kurogane Yoshida Toshimaro
X Monou Fuuma

Put the two together, in character or not, and you have one dynamic pair!

*Note: The role lists aren't complete and are for quick reference only. We don't intend to put up complete lists.