Here are some doujinshi featuring the bestest pairing in Tennis no Oujisama. Who? Atobe and Tezuka, of course! [/dork]  All doujinshi have been scanned by sailorstarsun, unless stated otherwise. Do not direct link these files or use them on your own site! All files have been archived in .rar format. Use WinRAR to extract the files.


G by Coppelia  nc-17
Atobe x Tezuka

Overflowing by Coppelia  nc-17

Atobe x Tezuka

raw Japanese or English scanlated


Romantic Kiss by Oimokaree
Tezuka + Atobe

raw Japanese  or  English scanlated

With or Without You by Gold XTC  nc-17
Atobe x Tezuka

Lip Cream by...uh...  ...   I don't know...  .^^;

Atobe + Tezuka