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    Welcome to Eien no Rival (Eternal Rival), a website dedicated to the Tennis no Ouji sama (Prince of Tennis) yaoi pairing, Atobe and Tezuka. The title of this site comes from a phrase in Atobe's song off his Hametsu he no RONDO album, Rival.

    Let's get something straight before we say anymore. This site supports a yaoi pairing. That means this site features boy on boy content. If you're a homophobe or have anything against this pairing, you might want to leave. It's your choice if you wish to stick around and browse the site but we don't want to hear about how this pairing sucks or that it's sick to have boys together. The bottom line is that we don't care. This is our site and we can do whatever we want with it.

    But if you're here to enjoy this pairing, by all means, please go right on ahead. We hope to draw more fans to this pairing and maybe even turn a new leaf for those who don't like this particular pairing. So what can you expect to find on this site? We have up some basic information about the two boys, their seiyuu (we love our seiyuu!), reasons why we like this pairing, multimedia content, fan art and fics, etc. If you like this site, please refer it to your friends. We have link banners provided in the Link Us section if you would like to link our site.

    Don't forget to visit EnR's sister site... thingy... Eternal Rivals, a LiveJournal community dedicated to Atobe/Tezuka! Anything and everything Tezube is welcome so if you've got an LJ account, be sure to join in on the fun. .^^

    This site is maintained by two people, GokuMew2 and sailorstarsun. For the most part, sailorstarsun takes care of the written content and GokuMew2 maintains the site itself. Sorry if you get confused by whom "I" refers to. .^^; If you have any comments, suggestions, etc, feel free to contact us via our LiveJournals. Thanks for visiting!

2006/01/24 // 12:57 EST - Tiny update; two new stories in the fanfiction section.  .^_^  Enjoy. ~sailorstarsun

2005/10/04 // 6:05PM PST - Happy birthday, Atobe! Tezuka's bday in a few days too. Added a fic and a couple fanart. ~GokuMew2
2005/06/04 // 11:58AM PST - Wow, long time no update. Added new fanart. ~GokuMew2
2005/02/05 // 4:53PM PST - Added new fanart. ~GokuMew2