Are you an artist? Love Atobe and Tezuka... together? Then submit your Tezube fanart! Here we'll display illustrations that have been submitted to us by fellow Tezube fans.

Note: This section may contain images inappropriate for people under the age of 18. If you're not 18 but want to look at the stuff anyway, hell, we won't stop you! =.P

Submission Guidelines

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Art by Tabby.
Tabby 1 Tabby 2 Tabby 3
Art by Yuzuki.
Yuzuki 1      

Art by Ruaki.

Ruaki 1 Ruaki 2 Ruaki 3  
Art by Raine.
Raine 1      

Art by Eiji!hood.

Eiji!hood 1 Eiji!hood 2 Eiji!hood 3  

Art by mon zero.

mon zero 1 mon zero 2 mon zero 3 mon zero 4