Tezuka Kunimitsu手塚国光(てづか くにみつ)
Tezuka Kunimitsu
Standing with his arms crossed.
"Yudan sezu ni ikou."

School: Seishun Gakuen (3rd year)
Date of birth: 10/07 (Libra)
Height: 179cm (~5'10")
Weight: 58kg (~127.6lbs)
Blood type: O
Hand: Left
Play style: All-rounder
Special: Zero-shiki Drop Shot, Tezuka Zone
Fave food: Uwa tea
Fave color: Blue and green
Fave subject: World history
Hobbies: Mountain-climbing, camping, fly-fishing

Tezzie is... serious.  Very serious.  I can only recall seeing him smile once in the entire anime series, and most of the time he just stands there, looking stern.  One could describe him as boring...but every now and then he does something so bad-ass that you just can't help but squee "oh my gods, he's so freaking HOT!" all over the place.  .^_~  He's good.  ::grin::

Tezuka is extremely smart and talented, and he know it.  He's not conceited about it at all, never boasts or brags and doesn't think he's the greatest and all that, but he does have confidence in himself.  He's aware of his abilities, even if he doesn't feel the need to make a big deal out of it.

He's strong.  The 'strong and silent' type.  His team, his friends, know they can rely on him, and he doesn't let them down.  He has become their "pillar of support," leading the Seigaku Tennis Team to their dream.  With just a few words.  Even from far away.

Aaaaand.... Tezuka is also a bit traditional, passionate, contemplative, and I think somewhere in there he actually has a sense of humor (it's just kinda hard to find...  .^,^ ).


Atobe Keigo跡部景吾(あとべ けいご)
Atobe Keigo

Sitting with his legs crossed.
"Ore sama no bigi ni yoi na."

School: Hyoutei Gakuen Chuu (3rd year)
Date of birth: 10/04 (Libra)
Height: 175cm (~5'9")
Weight: 62kg (~136.4lbs)
Blood type: A
Hand: Right
Play style: All-rounder
Shoes: HEAD (C, Tech 1000 OM)
Special: Hametsu he no RONDO, Insight, Jack Knife
Fave food: Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding
Fave color: Black and gold
Fave subject: All, especially Greek
Hobbies: Fly-fishing, reading

Really.  Big.  Ego.

Atobe's head is about as big as a Thanksgiving Parade balloon.  He's trained his 200 man team to cheer for him on command, refers to himself as "ore-sama," and often boasts of his skills.  He doesn't, however, make any claims he can't back up.  He says he's that great because he really is that great.  And he reminds everyone of it... again and again and again.  .^^*

He seems to be rather close with his teammates, rarely going anywhere without at least one (usually Kabaji .^^ ) alongside, but most of the time they're all seen together.  Though Hyoutei may not love him like Seigaku loves Tezuka (or Fudoumine worships Tachibana), they do acknowledge his skills and leadership.

And also....  Atobe has got to be the gayest character in the series.  .^^*  ::laughs::  Just... yeah.  The clothes, the gestures... fine breeding, my ass.  The boy is ghey.  XD


Written by sailorstarsun.
Stats by GokuMew2.